Diy christmas gifts – natural bath salt and room spray


like I said before I really want to write more english blogpost. I  want to be honest with you and I am just to lazy to write every single post in english and german. So I will write some posts in english and some in german, I hope that that’s okay:)! I didn’t post something for I while because I actually was really busy with school, christmas gifts and giving private tutions (Nachhilfe). Yes I already made some gifts because me and my four friends do Advent calenders for each other instead of normal gifts. That’s why I want to show you two of my Diy gifts for my friend S:)


For the bath salt you will need:

Basic bath salt from the drugstore

Scented body oil (I used Weleda) or essentiel oil and olive or arganoil

Any dried herbs or flowers (I used thyme)


Like you see, this Diy is really simple. You just have to combine the ingredients and put it in a nice container.


For the Diy Room spray you will need:

mandarin or orange



distilled water

empty spray bottle ( I bought a deo because we didn’t have a spray bottle, i know not the best way!;D)

essential oil

First you have to peel your orange or mandarin and let it sit with the rosemary for a few days until it’s really dry and hard. The you can fill up 1/6 of spray bottle with vodka and the rest with distilled water. At the end you only have to put in your dried rosemary and mandarin and a few drops of essential oil (i used a orange one). That’s it. So easy, natural and it smells really good and is calming. It’s perfect as a gift for stressed persons or for yourself. If you want you can also decorate the bottles a little bit:)

I hope you like these Diy gifts:). Sorry for my english andthe bad pictures, it is just so hard with this light in winter:/






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